2 Si Thin Film






Xiaodong Pi





Yongfeng Mei





Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China

Email: xdpi@zju.edu.cn




Fudan University, Shanghai, China

Email: yfm@fudan.edu.cn 




Ecole Polytechnique,  Palaiseau, France

Email: pere.roca@polytechnique.edu 



Qinglei Guo






Shandong University, Jinan, China

Email: qlguo@sdu.edu.cn 




Invited Speakers





Jong-Hyun Ahn




Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea


Presentation Title:Photoresponsivity enhancement of Si nanomembrane using strain engineering.

Yaping Dan




Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, China


Presentation Title:Atomically thin delta-doping of self-assembled molecular monolayers by flash lamp annealing for Si-based solar blind deep UV photodiodes.

Hui Fang




Dartmouth College, Hanover, USA


Presentation Title:Transferred Si Thin Film for Implantable Bioelectronics.

Cheng Li




Xiamen University, Xiamen, China


Presentation Title: Strain relaxation and photoluminescence of GeSn thin films grown by molecular beam epitaxy.

Jinghua Li




The Ohio State University, Columbus, USA


Presentation Title:Advanced Thin-Film Materials and Electronics for High-Resolution and Chronically Stable Neural Interfaces.

Klaus Lips




Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin, Berlin, Germany


Presentation Title:Unravelling the room temperature non-radiative recombination mechanism at dangling bonds in hydrogenated amorphous silicon.

Yongfeng Mei




Fudan University, Shanghai, China


Presentation Title:Silicon Nanomembranes for Transient and Smart Sensors.

Daniel Moraru




Shizuoka University,  Hamamatsu, Japan


Presentation Title:Transport of electrons one by one through dopants in thin-Si devices.

Keisuke Ohdaira




Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Ishikawa, Japan


Presentation Title: Formation of polycrystalline silicon films on glass substrates by flash lamp annealing of amorphous silicon films.

Kwanyong Seo




Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), Ulsan, Republic of Korea


Presentation Title:Light Management with Surface Structure for High-efficiency Flexible Crystalline-Silicon Photovoltaics.

Enming Song




Fudan University, Shanghai, China


Presentation Title:Flexible Neural Electronic Interfaces with Single-Crystalline Silicon-Nanomembrane Transistor Array.

Vladimir Volodin




Rzhanov Institute of Semiconductor Physics, Novosibirsk, Russia


Presentation Title:Femto- and picosecond infrared laser crystallization of amorphous Si:H films with included amorphous Ge layers.

Lan Yin




Tsinghua University, Beijing, China


Presentation Title:Biodegradable materials for electronic medicine and biosensors.

Kijun Yu




Yonsei University, Seoul, Republic of Korea


Presentation Title:Unconventional Flexible Electronics for Next generation Brain-machine interfaces.

Guodong Yuan




Institute of Semiconductors, CAS, Beijing, China


Presentation Title:Cryogenic mobility enhancement in Si MOS devices via SiO2 regrowth.

Xiaohong Zhang




Soochow University, Suzhou, China


Presentation Title:Ultralong Silicon Nanowires for Flexible Sensors.

Weidong Zhou




University of Texas at Arlington, Texas, USA


Presentation Title:Photonic Crystal Silicon Membrane Optoelectronics.